Dial in the three-dimensional world map broadcast watch the World Tourbillon watch

This watch the world watch Tourbillon watch gives the first impression is shocking, and dazzling, do not know where to look, hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve, world time, moon phase display, tourbillon, Each part is breathtaking. Broadcast replica watches Tourbillon watch in the world Watchmaking team to look on the macrocosm of the universe, you want to show a watch on the world in various regions of the time. And ultimately commissioned a map maker to design this atypical, and unprecedented three-dimensional world map. This clever scheme allows us to look at the whole world map without changing the angle. Three-dimensional display of world time The first hemisphere at the 3 o'clock position is used to represent the earth, displaying the world time in three dimensions. A pointer placed on the hemisphere axis - the North Pole extends along its curved surface and allows the uk replica watches to be set to display any of the 24 time zones. This pointer points to the selected time zone on the concentric axis of the hemisphere, and the city name representing the time zone is marked on one of the two concentric rollers above the hemisphere. The time zone on the unit Pointer is another new invention. Moon phase display The two windows that follow the hemisphere curve show the phases of the moon phases observed in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. The lunar and the starry sky are intertwined with each other. They are driven by a highly precise mechanical structure and need to rolex replica uk be calibrated every 122 years. . And each hemisphere is a complete metal polished and carved in the correct proportion of floating withered. Instantaneous jump hour display and reverse jump minutes display Time display at the top of the dial, combined with instantaneous jump hour display and reverse jump minutes display. Two clockwork drums provide a total of 5 power reserve.