75.7 million auction record this piece of steel than a hundred times more expensive!

Imagine, if you have 75.7 million, will be used to buy something? Luxury, large luxury yacht ... ... but in the eyes of the local tyrants, the money is more worth when used to take a block watch, or a steel sheet! On the evening of November 12, a Patek Philippe Ref. 15.18 million chronograph was auctioned at the Geneva Autumn Auctions held at Foyer's auction house with a turnover of 11.012 million Swiss francs (RMB 75.7 million) Watch and the most expensive steel watch two auction records. Interestingly, the same field auction, as well as the gold version of 1518 with the game, but also to about 600,000 Swiss francs ended, with the steel brother of the difference in value. SO, in the permanent auction of the replica watches ukcollection of old drivers in the eyes, this stainless steel 1518 in the end where the magic? Patek Philippe Ref.1518 is the industry's first calendar chronograph series, produced in 1941 to 1954, in the history of the landmark significance. Ref.1518 has a date, week, month, moon phase, and a small seconds dial and 30-minute timer display, this dial layout of the future of Patek Philippe watches the design basis for perpetual calendar. Ref.1518 total output of only 281, and most of the gold rolex replica watches , steel section is currently known only four, very rare, the other three are in the auction, the last appeared in a decade ago. And four steel section 1518 all by private ownership, that is, even have the world's largest collection of Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Museum did not grab a. Is not there a little martial arts novels in the world that the visual sense of the Supreme. Therefore, for the Patek Philippe antique watch collectors, with a stainless steel Ref.1518, is undoubtedly a peak of life. This Ref.1518 stainless steel is initially valued at about $ 3 million, about RMB 20 million yuan, the auction process all the way higher, and ultimately together with the commission to 11.012 million Swiss francs (about 75.7 million yuan) A clock in the history of another auction myth. Previously the world's most expensive watch auction record for the Patek Philippe's Ref. 5016, last year's Only Watch charity sale to 7.3 million Swiss francs. This is the first and only one stainless steel version of the Ref. 5016 watch. 5016 was first launched in 1993, discontinued in 2011, Calatrava-style case design, watch fans love the three complex functions (Tourbillon, three asked and calendar) and the moon phase profit and loss display integration, the brand can be described as super-complex function wrist watch of the model. The world's most expensive pocket watch, has been by the Patek Philippe's "Henry Graves" pocket watch to maintain, the transaction price of 150 million. The replica watches was invented by New York banker Henry Graves in Patek Philippe in 1925. Patek Philippe sent top watchmakers to design for three years and finally took five years to make it. , Is the world's most famous pure handmade most complex function pocket watch. More than 900 parts in total, weighing more than half a kilogram, is expected to be able to accurately travel to 2100. It includes 24 complex functions including perpetual calendars, triples, timings, clocks from Westminster, moon phases, stars, power reserve displays, sunrise and sunset times, and even shows nighttime variations in Manhattan, Fifteen minutes will sound Westminster bells as a timekeeping.