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The Yavneh Minyan is proud to serve both Kiddush and Seudah Shelishit every Shabbat. Please help us to defray the costs by offering to sponsor Kiddush and/or Seudah Shelishit.

Kiddush Sponsorship Rates: The Member rate for the sponsorship of a Basic Shabbat Kiddush is $200.

Basic Kiddush consists of: cake, soda, snacks and paper goods. Please see below for additional options that may be added to the Kiddush at extra cost.

Additional Kiddush Options:
(prices subject to change)
Potato or Noodle Kugel: $50 per tray
Broccoli or Apple Kugel: $65 per tray
Shalom Bayis Kugel (1 layer each potato kugel, kishka, and noodle kugel): $70 per tray
Meat Cholent: $100 per tray
Gefilte Fish: $35 per loaf
Vegetable Sushi Platter (80 pieces): $65
Hummus/Salad/Crackers: $36
Herring: $30
Fruit Platter: $80
Vegetable Platters and/or Assorted Salads: please ask about pricing and availability

Seudah Shehlishit Sponsorship:

  • The sponsorship rate for Seudah Shelishit is $72 (for Members and non-Members).

  • Seudah Shelishit is held regularly between Mincha and Ma'ariv on Shabbat day. Generally a Shiur or Devar Torah is given during Seudah Shelishit.

  • Seudah Shelishit usually consists of challah rolls, tuna, and cake.

    To arrange to sponsor a Kiddush or a Seudah Shelishit, please contact Miriam Benzaquen.

    Please make checks payable to the Yavneh Minyan and mail to the mailing address listed on the home page.

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