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Yavneh Minyan 5777 Membership and Seats
Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush
5778 Membership and Seats

Dear Members and Friends,

We've had an exciting year at the Yavneh Minyan, filled with stimulating educational programs, shiurim, and davening.

We hope you will join us in 5778!

Please take this opportunity to renew your membership - or to join us as a new member, and to reserve seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

This year we are hosting our Yomim Noraim payment form on ShulCloud.

To sign-up, reserve seats, and pay on-line, please click here.

This link will accept Visa or Mastercard payments, via PayPal.

If you have not recently completed our membership information survey, please also complete and return the full application found here..

If you prefer to renew/join by mail, please complete the membership application and return it to:

The Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush
1820 Avenue M
PMB 2322
Brooklyn, NY 11230.

If you have any questions, email seats@yavnehminyan.org. For your protection, please do NOT include any payment details in your email.

We look forward to your continued participation in the Minyan and hope that we may all be zocheh to a chasiva v'chasima tovah!

- The Membership Committee