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Mission Statement:

The Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush seeks to promote the spiritual, moral, intellectual and social growth of all its members equally, within a context dictated by Orthodox Jewish interpretation of the Written and Oral Laws of the Torah.
  • To conduct quiet and decorous services.
  • To provide for the dissemination of knowledge of Jewish faith, history, literature, law, and ideals through educational programs.
  • To demonstrate our love and commitment towards the state of Israel in the traditions of religious Zionism.
  • To participate in worthy movements and activities which will be of benefit to the Jewish people and tend to awaken them to their duties and responsibilities as Jews.
  • To conduct activities that will promote community, family, and friendship.
  • To enhance our commitment to G-d and Torah through both religious and secular culture.
  • With the guidance of our Rabbi, develop practices unique and appropriate to the Minyan. Towards the goal of Ahavat Yisrael, we respect all others, whose traditions we may not follow.

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